The African Sanitation Knowledge Network is an African association of individuals, groups, institutions and organizations committed to enhancing the ability of academics and professionals across the disciplines to contribute to the mainstreaming and up-scaling of sustainable sanitation in Africa, in order to benefit livelihoods, health, and the environment. For that purpose, ASKnet members seek collaboration with each other, and like-minded organizations to advance the performance and sustainability of sanitation services, development of sanitation policies, professional education and research related to these areas.

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The objectives of ASKNet are three-fold:

  1. Education: Increasing the numbers of professionals skilled in sustainable sanitation from African educational institutes;

  2. Research: Enhancing the relevance, quality and profile of sustainable sanitation research inAfrica;

  3. Outreach: Promoting sustainable sanitation and its implementation in Africa.


It emanated from a meeting of leading African and European academics and practitioners in the field of sustainable sanitation, held in Ugandan in November 2007, at which an unanimous need was expressed to enhance the profile of African academia in this field, and to increase the output of young professionals with the necessary skills to manage implementation projects on the ground.

ASKNet was launched at the AfricaSan Conference, in South Africa in February 2008, and held its first networking event in Vilanculos, Mozambique in December 2008, yielding four draft modules for university teaching on health, social aspects, reuse aspects and project management, all in relation to sanitation. Hereafter, there were 2 more networking meetings, at Nakuru, Kenya (2009) and Vic Falls, Zimbabwe (2010), leading to the establishment of a BSc course on Water and Sanitation (UEM, Vilanculos,Mozambique) and involvement of members in the development of a BSc course in Management in Sanitation (University of Leeuwarden, The Netherlands).



ASKnet is since 2010 a legalized association registered in Mozambique (published in the Bulletin of the Republic in 2011), and was physically hosted by the Eduardo Mondlane University. Since 2013 it it hosted at the Catholic University of Mozambique (Universidade Católica de Moçambique, UCM), with as Secretary Horácio Francisco Caetano. It counts on the voluntary participation of the network core members: