Sanitation in Beira


This blog is about sanitation in Beira, Mozambique.

It is about a program that concerns the different parts of the sanitation value chain and is enrolled with two principal partners: the municipality and a university. The municipality because they are the responsible entity  for sanitation in their city, while the university educates professionals in health and economics and the program offers a number of learning  moments for them.

For a medical student it is good to realize that you can make a big step forwards towards a healthy population when you improve conditions in sanitation. And a student in economics will realize that, within the sanitation value chain there is money to gain. The blog deals with daily events of the sanitation program.  We enroll our program in the largest neighborhood of Beira and the aim is that in two years time all 25.000 families will have proper sanitation, as well the schools will have proper sanitation blocks.

All done in a sustainable way, which includes not only its collection, but as well its transport, storage and treatment.